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You have underestimated the base fitness you have maintained in the last 15 years.

Totally agree with Ashfordian.

Never underestimate the sheer act of getting off the sofa and goiing outside, whether that be walking,m swimming, towpath cycle tootling etc.

As much as anything its a frame of mind.

In 2008 I did my first triathlon - an open water super sprint. 400m/18Km/2.5K. the distances let alone back to back seemed pheonomanl, the concpet mountainous.

I am no longer permitted to run (total right hip replacement) so I had to stop tri after I'd managed a 70.3 (half ironman) in 2010... I do swim a fair a mount (though not as much as I used to) and cycle (but nowhere near as much as I sued to) - biut if I had to go and do that supersprint tomorrow I'd just do it.

I did swim 3.8 Km weekend before last for sport relief swimathon however ;-) In a pool at that (zzzzzzzzzzzz)

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