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You are hereby declared "In the Clear" Snorvey

It was I suspect Kublakant, who spotted that Poortoyboy in continuing an argument postulated by Binalurkin, mixed up his first and third persons.

But as this was a bit of a wind up Binalurkin indulged in with convoluted arguments about God's Snowball being the possible impetus in colliding an icy meteor /asteroid into a barren earth on the Religious Board. Following that up with a suggestion that if the Angels "Visiting the Virgin Mary" might possibly have been an Alien Research Team conducting an artificial insemmination project to improve the strain of Homo Sapiens; perhaps that was leading with his/my chin !

Binalurkin should never have ventured from the Techy into the Philosophical sphere, let alone on the religion Board !

Still the dual Techy / Philosophical personas were successfully continued for some 12 years !
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