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I first joined the Fool in 2000, and unlike many posters here, who have said great things about this place, how much they owe to all the posters, how much they have learned, how their lives have been enriched and all the other well-deserved praise for many other people, I can honestly say that I haven't really been enriched at all.

I have not taken anyone's financial advice, given any financial advice, or added to anyone's knowledge. In fact, I have contributed precisely no useful facts / information / gossip / help / support / encouragement, or any number of other worthy persuits that so many other people have been involved in.

And yet at twenty to ten in the evening, on November 17th 2008, which will be exactly 8 years to the day when The Motley Fool closes its doors, I posted a stream of unregulated vitriol at the banking system on this board, and the thread it generated heralded a brief but pleasant period in the spotlight. And what's more, eight years later, it's still at the top of the board.

Clearly, TMF Towers were so impressed, they decided to honour the birth of the post by closing on its anniversary. Personally, I think it's a bloody disgrace that the top recommended post on such a board as this should be from someone who has the financial acumen of a one legged salamander, but there you go.

By the way, here it is. Any more recs anyone?


PS Dear TMF, feel free to remove this off-topic post if you can be bothered.

Goodbye, and thanks for all the recs
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