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What a very interesting thread, particularly wils and darwin's input. I have quite a bit in common with both. I have taken art in sport all my life, but seem to have avoided the necessity to run until the last five years or so. At school, I was a county level high jumper, and did a bit of long jumping, but the 22 step run up was a bit too much really.

I took up running at the age of about 55, after losing all the 25kg I had gained during 25 years of marriage - and found that I really enjoyed it. I did a couple of organised half marathons as well as running a few on my own, getting down (just) below 1h45. A small episode of cancer and a rather longer lay off with an Achilles tendon problem slowed me down a bit, but I am now back in the groove. A week ago I ran the Coniston 14, which is a 14 mile run round the lake, and this Sunday, I am doing the Reading Half Marathon, but really I like it best getting out on my own and setting my own pace.

The technology available is great, and I love the statistics and seeing progress (positive and negative). I bought a second hand Garmin off ebay, which is great, but these days all you need is a smart phone and Strava or similar.

I am now 61, but after Coniston, I can see that there is at least another 14 years in me yet. Where once life began at 40, I think it has move past 50, and really begins at 60.

Cheers, Rob
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