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Hi All,,

I've just read up on the series, having missed quite a few posts due to real life going-on's, and have a question about watchlists:

New watch list additions

... but I'm going to build the watch list the way I did my very first one in real life -- by adding companies that look interesting even if I might not keep them for long, and then when the list starts to get a bit too cumbersome, compare the entries more critically and prune it. It's the way I'd recommend a beginner go about it., Posted 27.09.2012

Alan (and everyone else),
I would like to know your criteria for "companies that look interesting" as well as your criteria going forward " the entries more critically and prune it...".

Looking at the list I can see you're listing market cap, share price, forward p/e and forward dividend as headers in your watchlist but I'd like to know the underlying targets/limits/thoughts etc. For instance: which range of forward p/e would you consider buying in, do you have a lower limit for market cap, do you have different limits for shares in FTSE100 and FTSE250, etc. etc. ...

And I appreciate everyone else's comments - thanks for taking the time to post!

Regards, Pinch
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Hi Pinch,

Those are great questions, but I'll hold off answering for now...

The reason is that I've just finished writing a Watchlist update to be published tomorrow - it doesn't address your questions, but it does add two new shares to the list.

In fact, before it's published, I'll add a link to this thread and invite readers to offer their thoughts - I'd like to leave it to others to comment before I try to answer.

(I also have another article in mind, to examine some similar questions to yours, and that might go up next week).

Foolish best,
Fool UK Community
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I'm.quite new to buying and I'm surprised you don't have more support and replies via the forums.
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