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This post is mainly to warn you all of what happened when my PC needed to go back to Mesh Support. When I bought the PC it was very highly spec'd for a good price and at the time I would have recommended them to anyone. It's a different story now after four sites visits and once needing to send the PC back to them.

The problem I had was the the PC just wasn't booting, it was just giving me a series of beeps (which I noted but won't list here!). I needed to send it back, it took a week for them to collect it and they had it for another week before phoning me and telling me that they had replaced the CPU. Problem solved.

Here's the warning: I was also told that the directory structure was corrupt and that they would need to reformat the hard drive thus wiping all of my programs and data. I wanted to get the PC back so I told them not to worry and that I'd do it once I had salvaged some of the more important data. I got the PC back and a miracle had happened, the hard drive had become uncorrupted in the back of the delivery van (granted I did have to reinstall Internet Explorer and a few other small apps, some of the files had been corrupted nothing more than that).

They would have willfully reformatted the hard drive thus losing EVERYTHING. They obviously take this decision too lightly, don't trust them with your data.

Has anybody else bought a PC from Mesh, how do they get on with it, have they had as many problems as me??



Thanks for listening, I wanted to get that off my chest!!!
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