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As many will know much video is interlaced. This is where an overall frame rate of 25fps (ie a new frame every 40ms) is achieved by having subframes (fields in MPEG terminology) every 20ms, one containing the odd lines, the other the even lines of the whole frame.

Having just bought a camcorder, I want to be able to single step through each of the fields, so I'm viewing a sequence of pictures with 20ms time resolution but half the vertical resolution.

Unfortunately I can't find video playing software that'll allow me to slow step through the video like this. All I've tried only allow me to step through FRAMES, not FIELDS. And with motion in the picture, individual frames are something of a mess with alternate lines being taken from images 20ms apart.

Does anyone know of video player software that'll allow one to advance through the fields of an interlaced video file, rather than the frames?
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