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I really regret posting this. I have been a massive fan of IF for many years, but I am fast becoming massively disillusioned.

Today I received a letter telling me that a cheque (yes, a cheque!) that I issued to the garage that I use for my car servicing had been returned "Payment Stopped". That, in itself, would not have been an issue had I stopped the cheque. However, no!

It transpired, after I had a 27 minute conversation, that I had (apparently) mislaid my cheque book back in 2006 (!) (this being an account I opened when my, now, ex-wife, announced she wanted a divorce) and asked for it to be cancelled. Well, recently, I found it and used it. Result? One bounced cheque. I have an exemplary credit record; this being only the second cheque returned in over 35 years - the only other one for words/figures different. As Rory or Tiger might say, teed off? I should say so.

Anyway, I have a letter dated last Friday; arrived today that states (and here I quote):

"We would be obliged if you could contact us to confirm that this cheque book is safely in your hands and we can then remove the stop and you can continue to use this cheque book"

Not strictly true IF. You stated tonight that the cheque book was cancelled and that nothing you could do could reinstate it. You also stated that you would not write to the garage and advise them that it was your fraud prevention measures (and I buy into them) that was a contributory issue.

Best of all? In the letter it states, and again I quote:

" We tried to contact you today......."

How so please IF?

By my reckoning, IF is an internet/telephone banking operation. Ergo, IF's customers have access to what Peter Kaye would refer to as t'interweb. I also have a mobile phone. I have used it, within the last three months to set up a new bill payment. The confirmation code is sent to the mobile, thus, IF have my number. Why, pray tell, have I received neither a call nor an email regarding this issue?

Well, rant over. Hopefully, subject to the dreaded contract, the house is sold and the mortgage to IF will disappear within the next couple of months.

Believe me, the Savings Accounts; ISA and Current Account will follow very shortly thereafter (and they will be moving outside the Lloyds group - and I say that as a shareholder) - regrettably that's probably what the Management at Lloyds are aiming for.

Pity really; great concept and when they (IF) intervened on this board, I really felt THEY felt customers mattered. Not any more!
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