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A checklist for anyone keen on UK property, listing of just a small fraction of the “new UK property industry” who’ll be watching the news tickers at high noon tomorrow. These are in the main businesses that are attempting to continue to ride the 10-year bull market, many of which are in danger of imminently falling off. All want a cut, one way or another, from tour hard earned money, whether as fees, commissions, discount, advertising, seminars, “knowledge” or other expense, all of which eventually has to be funded by either buyer or seller. The traditional players in the market, ie banks, building societies, surveyors, estate agents, and other mainstream recognised industry bodies are generally excluded from the list.

Some listed below will want a cut in the rate, others will want a hold, thereby continuing the mortgage payment problems that many are currently experiencing. Most will be scribbling and uploading their individual pearls of property wisdom by late afternoon, ready to impart their latest Vested Interested views on a public who for years now have been punch drunk on the endless torrent of daily property “news”. Much of what will be written will be quickly consigned to cyberspace history, out-of-date and replaced by the next days’ offerings. All of it will have zero effect on the market dynamics, as they are set by much bigger factors than a badly written website puff-piece masquerading as insightful knowledge.

One day, hopefully in the not too far off future, 99% of these johnny-come-lately” type of players will have quietly closed down their operation, just like the dot-coms did almost a decade ago, leaving in their wake just the 1% or so that that might arguably be regarded as providing a useful service to the public. We can then look forward to reading online news media and searching with Google etc, safe in the knowledge these and similar outfits like them are no longer spreading like a property cancer throughout our daily lives.

etc, etc, etc…………..
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