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The 'do a little tidying every day' way does not work and is doomed to fail. It should all be done as one big project, and you'll never need to do it again.

The 'do a little every day' works for me. As for 'you'll never need to do it again', surely that only works if you never buy anything ever again?

The key starting point is NOT to 'tidy' and NOT to organise sensible storage but to DISCARD everything - EVERYthing - unless it 'brings you joy' or is truly essential.

Hmmm. Sounds great in principle but in reality? Not so much.

The ORDER in which you tidy is crucial.

How so? If you have a regime that starts with the bedroom and ends with the bathroom, i'm not sure how things will be crucially better by reversing that regime.

Like most decluttering books, I suspect that it is possible to take certain hints and tips from it but taking it all seems like a pipe dream. To me at least.

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