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Thanks R6

I am also. Minded to make my Rowanberry jelly much less sweet than commercial red currant jelly, and not your caution over the amount of sugar in the linked recipe.

Hugh Fernley Wotsit takes an opposite view on apples however to this recipe. She advocate peeling and coring the apples, but Hughie suggests not merely leaving the cores in, but possibly making a pie out of the flesh, and just using the apple cores for their flavour, and particularly, their pectin.

Do you have any trouble achieving a "Set" with your reduced sugar recipe ?

Do you use high pectin jam sugar , or even pectin concentrate such as Certo ?

My first "picking" of Rowanberries were a real pain to de-stalk, but those I picked yesterday from a different bush were much easier. ( both similarly red) Does this indicate that my first "picking" might have been less ripe, and if so, does that matter ?

I have been unable to find a meaningful quantity of Crab apples , but have acquired a basket of windfall cooking apples in good condition I am minded to use. Would you put these in quartered but entire, or peel them ?
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