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Many years ago, Stepone created an Excel spreadsheet which appears to have been extremely popular. It showed historical and forecast dividends and EPS, Market Cap and various other bits of interesting data for FTSE350 companies. Stepone provided updated versions of the spreadsheet from time to time, but due to increasing pressures on his personal time, updates become less frequent, with the most recent being just over a year ago.

With Stepone's approval, I have created a replacement spreadsheet. It was designed to be as identical as possible to Stepone's original, though there may be some differences in some columns. It uses Excel, though I plan to have a look at creating an equivalent using OpenOffice. The methodology will be similar to that of Stepone's.... I will publish updates (my plan is around the start of each calendar month), and the user can refresh latest price from Yahoo at any time. Since I am now retired, I should have rather more time available than Stepone, so updates should be reasonably assured for a few years, unless I get run over by a bus or father time taps me on the shoulder.
The process uses Perl scripts to gather data before I load the data into Excel. If anyone is interested, I have also published the perl scripts.

The intent of the spreadsheet is to provide a tool to allow filtering of data to identify candidates to add to an investment portfolio (especially a HYP). Having identified a potential investment, data should be checked from a reliable source such as the company's own web site. Having added a company to a portfolio, an excellent tool to monitor the portfolio is that created by Itsallaguess:

The usual caveats apply:
*...No guarantees of data accuracy
*...No guarantees of data updates
*...No guarantees of being able to fix any problems which are reported (though I'll do my best)
*...Compatibility. I used Excel 2010, but save the document in Excel 97-2003 .xls format which should be OK for most people

The spreadsheet, a User Guide, and the perl scripts are available at:

PLEASE.... read the User Guide before firing off any questions.

Plaudits are due to Stepone for his vision in creating the original spreadsheet, and to Itsallaguess for giving my new spreadsheet the once over and creating the excel macro which can retrieve prices for 350 companies from Yahoo in the blink of an eye (well, about 5 seconds)

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