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The term Shipwright's Disease is one I have become familiar with over the years I have had involvement with classic cars. However, it is also something that all Building / DIY Fools need to be aware of. If you can recognise the symptoms before they take hold then you will be better off in the future (both financially and mentally).

The origins seem a little unclear, I searched for a good definition and the best I got was this:

Shipwright's disease

Sailor owns boat.
Boat has burned out light in galley.
Sailor decides to change bulb.
Sailor notices socket is corroded, decides to change socket.
Sailor notices wiring frayed while trying to change socket.
Sailor decides to change wiring.
Sailor notices galley ceiling slats are rotted while changing the wire.
Sailor decides galley ceiling slats need changing.
Sailor notices ...

this goes on and on and on and on and pretty soon, Sailor is undertaking a major renovation of his boat because of a burned out lightbulb.

Some recent threads on this board that have made me wonder if the original poster was about to become afflicted, such as Thermo's toilet syphon (which could so easily have turned into a complete bathroom refurb). Fortunately not in this case I think.

With the guidance of the good Fools here and now an understanding of this potentially dangerous disease I hope future outbreaks can be successfully contained.

Pat :)))
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