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Another more pertinent one was posted a couple of days after:

Again, I do not have access but am now considering it as the small investment to get (what appears to be) an un-biased opinion may be better than investing the same amount in IND shares.... today at least.

Am not an expert in the industry, nor the same in investing, but the company (at least products, press releases on project success, balance sheet), and this board, had drawn me to research more. And so far, IMHO, yes something is wrong.......and in any business that can only be addressed by the most senior management......or the investors ?

I believe the AGM will be next month. As a potential investor it would be great to get some feedback.... and not on the new products....i dont think that the release of new cameras, software, widgets etc will help short term. IND seems to have entered a storm, crew members are falling overboard (voluntarily or otherwise) and the captain and his mates seem to want to steer it in all different directions at the same time, instead of heading for calmer waters first....

IMHO that is....

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