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Reward Schemes.

The best payer is the GM Card at £3 per £100 spent. The Thomas Cook and BAA cards are next best at £1.50 per £100 spent. To contrast Goldfish is currently an average 90p per £100 spent, reducing to 73p in May. Nectar is just 29p per £100 spent.

For cashback the best is Accuard at 6 months 1.6% (More>Than no longer offers this) followed by 0.8% standard. Alternatively both Blue Amex and Circle Rebate offer a standard 1%. (Though it is still possible to get special offers from blue Amex of 5% for the first month or 2% for the first three months)

If you forgive me, I've done a full financial assessment of the 60 main credit card reward schemes on the market. If you want to read it then cut and paste the following link,56733, (NOTE: DONT CLICK ON LINK - for some reason it doesn't pick up the last comma that's important, cut and paste it or go to and click the top guide).

I know this board is precious about plugging. I've had some comments in the past. I hope posting this doesn't annoy anyone, it isn't my intent to do that. My site is a non-profit and completely free. I just read the discussion and thought my article may help.

If nothing else i suspect it will generate, debate, discussion and contention amongst fools anyway.

All the best

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