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Reading between the lines and not specifically looking back at the individual posts in detail it would seem to me very much a case of all eggs in one basket.

This can happen if one is employed by a company that provides shares instead of or in addition to a decent salary. Then when the company goes bust, you lose not only your job but the paper value of the shares too.

I used to work for a large FTSE company and at one stage over 15 years ago, my wife and I had over £250k of share options. We had manage to realise about £ 100k at a share price of over £23 but then the price crash to near £10 at which point our options were useless. The share have still not recovered to a price where the options would have been worth anything and have since lapsed.

Fortunately we had money in other shares, property and work but this was a case that if the company had gone pop and we had lost our jobs and share options and had not put money into our property by paying off mortgages we could have lost a potential £350k.

Sensible asset allocation is always the way to go, a mix of property (a PPR) , cash savings, shares, bonds and PMs would seem to make it difficult to lose everything.

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