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The house I have just bought has a 2500 litre single-skinned plastic heating oil tank which is probably 7-10 years old. There is a 30cm x 2mm wide crack running across (side to side) the top of the tank. It appears to have been there for some time and there was tape covering it. There is no sign that the crack wants to extend further - i.e. no discolouration or deformation beyond the ends of the crack. The tank is currently located very close (30cm) to the house (rendered stone wall) which I guess may not meet current regulations for a new installation. It is also right next to the boundary of the property (stone wall) and is in the only location which is completely out of sight. I am concerned that a new installation may have to be somewhere which is much more visible.

Firstly, I have no idea whether plastic heating oil tanks can be repaired, but I thought I would ask as it would be the simplest solution.

Secondly, if tank repair isn't possible can anyone provide details or a link to the current regulations for siting a domestic tank (an oftec link I found via a search here was dead).



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