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I am trying to work out the maximum my other half can contribute to pension this year. I know that the maximum contribution is 100% of earnings or 50k, whichever is the lower. What I am not sure is what is included as pensionable earnings- does it include the annual bonus or car allowance? (I have a feeling the car allowance isn't pensionable, but I am not so sure about the bonus).
Anyone know?
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Warning about early pension release schemes
The FCA says "You should be especially wary of any scheme offering to help you release cash from your pension before you are 55, as it is almost certainly a scam."
The Pensions Crisis
We have a separate board called Pensions - Motivation and Policy. If you want a general discussion of the relative merits of pensions or to talk about the "Pensions Crisis" that is the place for the discussion.
Closure of the UK Discussion Boards
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