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Oops, don't know why Paul B's post 93399 was 'disappeared' to which Elco resonded moments ago ...(but Elco found it again), so here it is:

On 11 October I got it right in my post 93398:

"EMAG is "not dead yet" - we're still very much alive and kicking. Unlike this board."

Thus far we've had more than 5,000 renewals in four weeks. EMAG has enough resources to fight on through the next election - May or 2020.

At EMAG's and the APPG's (now with 206 MP members) behest, dozens of MPs have written this month to Philip Hammond - not least on behalf of righting the injustice to the pre-1992 WPAs.

EMAG fights on.

See ""

As I said, good luck with that, Paul. And I mean that sincerely. The pre-1992 WPAs treated horribly. But I fear our government, now carefully planning Brexit (read that as: haven't got a bleeding clue) have other things on their collective small minds.
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The Government has agreed in principle to pay compensation - but when and how much?
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