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Ok, Herbs, I'm going to add my £0.02 too.

Synchronised should never have been run after depositing A P McCoy. But of course he was run because, like many businesses nowadays, his trainer couldn't financially afford to pull him out of it, compounded with the pressure of the owners who want a good day out.

Firstly I have to ask whether you have any insider knowledge or proof that the trainer couldn't financially afford to pull him out? My own (admittedly limited) understanding of trainers is that they are paid by the owners of the horse and in addition get a share of any winnings.

To suggest that the trainer, who has a financial interest in keeping the animal alive, couldn't afford for it NOT to run I find laughable. More so considering the recent Cheltenham result.

I broadly agree with your sentiment about them dying for human entertainment and being working animals and being destroyed when no longer performing, but then again I'd feel the same whether it were a thoroughbred or a guard dog. It either can do it's job or it can't, and if it can't then it is of no use. It is not a pet.

I say "broadly" because when I go fishing I usually have a pretty good time. I don't care how the fish feel about it.


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