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No I have not flown off, yet! :-) I did not think TMF would set it up so quickly and I was just pondering on how best to kick this off. Thank you for TMFspIeen for setting this forum up and B2V for the reminder!! Rather than thinking too long on how best to project the objectives of this forum, I'll just go ahead now and test the water.

The idea for this forum is "not" to replace the existing "Oil & Gas Companies" and "Markets and Trends" boards but to complement them. This forum is about identifying "short term" opportunities that we can profit. Short term can be defined as intraday or day to day basis. The emphasis is on trading the oil futures such as Brent Crude and US Light Crude. Opportunities can reveal themselves quite quickly as can be seen from yesterday's dramatic drop in the oil price by $7 dollars between the peak and the trough. This is the place where we can discuss live on our strategies, intents, actions and results as events unfold.

Personally I have been dabbling with stocks since the privatisation years from the early 1990's. Been through the tech boom era. Focused on oil stocks since early 2000. I registered with TMF on 7 Jan 2000. I have very good knowledge of the oil industry and my economic knowledge is not bad either. However, I only started experimenting on trading oil futures in Q4 2007 when the oil price for US Light Crude reached US$100/bbl. That was when I began to think the oil price would become more volatile and therefore potentially a lot more opportunites for profitable trading with a flexible strategy. I have survived the last few month and I think it is worthwhile to persue it further whilst appreciating that I still have much to learn in this high oil price environment. That is one of the reasons why this forum is set up; to allow me and everyone who is interested in short term trading to see how we can increase our chances of success in trading oil futures.

Short term trading on oil stocks tend to be a bit more difficult as the spread can be quite large. However, if you see a good short term opportunity and if you think it is inappropriate to mention it on other boards, do bring it up here and we can discuss.

I plan to start a separate thread(s) with all the links for useful data/information, schedules, etc that may have an impact on the oil futures. Please feel free to add and I'll update the thread as regularly as possible.

Any ideas to improve trading success are very much welcome.

Success to all Fools!!!!!!!!!
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