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Hi, I've been lurking for a long while but this is my first post. (sorry!)

I currently have two flexaccounts (their current account for those unfamiliar with Nationwide's accounts) and one Nationwide "Classic" credit card. I have had the first flexaccount since September 2000, the second since 2004 and the credit card since 2000.

I have just sent off a letter requesting the refund of £2155 (including 8% interest) for the first flexaccount. Having read many posts on this board I am aware that Nationwide will close this account, which is not a disaster as I have an account elsewhere. However it would be inconvenient if my other NW flexaccount were also closed as they don't charge for card withdrawals/use abroad. Worse still, it would be a disaster if they closed my credit card as I currently owe it about £9000 and can't possibly pay all of that back immediately.

Does anyone know if Nationwide will just close my first flexaccount, or both flexaccounts, or even the credit card as well?

I know that their credit card in many respects acts as a separate entity (I worked for Nationwide for nearly 2 years) and just hope that even if they close both flexaccounts that they'll leave my credit card alone!

Many thanks
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