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We sold a car to a reputable dealership 2 years ago (a trade in). We have just received a letter from the "National Mileage Register" which is operated by HPI Ltd asking us to log in and answer questions on the vehicle and its mileage. The website says that there may be 16 questions.

Given that this is a private company that sells this data, I have no inclination help them have more data that they can sell. Besides when we traded in the vehicle all appropriate forms with accurate mileage were filled in, so I can't see what additional information they want to find - unless it is marketing info about us.

Any thoughts?

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If they have an email address it might be worth an email asking them how much they pay for this information - otherwise I think I'd have better things to do.
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My feelings exactly when I had similar. They charge far too much for their enquiries and do their utmost to wriggle out of their guarantee.
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> Any thoughts?

Increasingly with organisations that are sitting smug on the profits of other people's data whether mined or otherwise gathered I feel that offering them the opportunity to earn their money by providing bad data to sift out is a public duty.

I feel the same about the Prism project, let them drown in bad data.
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