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My reply got deleted because it was "left dangling" but it seems like there's plenty of the thread left to hang it on again.


That's right, blame everything on Gordon Brown.

People should responsibility for their own situation instead of blaming the guy at the top.

Blame culture.

Live by the sword...
GB was quite happy to take the credit for ten years of "prosperty", in fact it was quite sickening listening to the crap spouted until quite recently of "Britain uniquely place to withstand the current conditions blah blah". He inherited a very healthy financial situation from the Tories and blew it!

So who should we blame, I take the responsibility completely for my own situation but I couldn't do much about GB sticking his filthy mitts on my pension fund could I, after all I didn't vote for him. I couldn't stop him p*sssing my tax monies up the wall in the biggest expansion of public sector spending ever. I could stop him selling off our gold at the bottom of the market. I couldn't stop the continual pumping up of the housing market until collapse was the only answer. I couldn't stop the relaxing of credit controls to such an extent where it seemed madness not to borrow up to 125% of your house valuation and get yourself a 4x4 and nice holiday with the extra cash.

Just who do you suggest we blame/

Oh yes I forgot "we are all in this together"

Sorry that won't wash, I have had no debt for the last ten years, I have worked, paid my taxes, spent what I could afford while saving "prudently", only to see my pension and savings decimated. And what is GB's answer, oh yes, "we seem to have spent your money, let's spend your children and grandchildren money now". And for what, so we can bail out the spongers and wasters and greedy bankers.

Seems to me that in this country you are OK at either end of the wealth spectrum but most of us caught in the middle are seeing our finances and those of our children squeezed mercillessly.

Blame others for the current crisis...damn right I do! And I know who I blame more than most.

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