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My father is a couple of years from retirement , he currently has a final salary scheme and a smaller stakeholder pension, when he elects to take benefits is he able to effectively combine the 2 pots , my thinking is if possible it would be better to take his tax free lump sum using all the stakeholder pot and making the balance up from the final salary pot as this would give him the best return and not tie his money up in an annuity.

Is this possible?

Also would there be any complications caused if he moved the stakeholder pension into a SIPP for the 5 years or so he has until retirement.

I don't think that there is any way that he can combine the two do do what you want. As far as I know, that can only be done with an AVC linked to the final salary scheme. Presumably the commutation rate is so low as to be not worth taking a lump sum from the final salary scheme.

But which is his current active scheme? If it is the final salary scheme, then ask the scheme administrators if anything can be done.

I don't see any complications in moving the stakeholder into a SIPP. I would have thought that it could be a sensible move.

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