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A quick morning scan for (mainly) smallcap news. In-line statements and resource shares generally omitted.

21st Century Technology (C21) wins £1 million, 5-year contract at Gatwick.
Venture Life Group (VLG) trading. Exp FY rev at least £14m (F/C was £13m).
Syqic (SYQ) SInce there is no rescue offer, "The Directors of SyQic are reviewing a number of options with their advisers to raise additional working capital for the Company which will place the Company on a sound financial footing." Still suspended.
Noida Toll Bridge Co (NTBC) Court has asked for report on "the correctness of the Petitioner's claim that the Total Cost of the Project has not been recovered as per the Concession Agreement. The Comptroller Auditor Genera has been directed to submit its report within four weeks."
Dewhurst (DWHT) exp FY beat with rev over £47m. "The recovery reported by the Company on 30 August 2016 continued through the fourth quarter of FY16 and whilst seasonal effects mean the Company's second half is traditionally stronger than the first half, the effect in FY16 has been greater than usual." Also weak £ helping.
Johnston Press (JPR) confirms speculation that it is in late stage discussions with Iliffe Media surrounding the potential disposal of certain titles.

Notes (do not rely on the data)
C21: Price=2.95. Cap=2m. F/C for current FY*: EPS=NA, PE=NA, Revenue=NA.
21st Century Technology is engaged in public transport monitoring systems. Its activities include supply and installation of CCTV, black-box and other monitoring system for public transport vehicles.
VLG: Price=54.25. Cap=20m. F/C for current FY*: EPS=-4.02, PE=-13.5, Revenue=NA.
Venture Life Group is a consumer healthcare company. It is engaged in the development and commercialization of healthcare products, including food supplements, medical devices and dermo-cosmetics.
SYQ: Price=16. Cap=4m. F/C for current FY*: EPS=NA, PE=NA, Revenue=NA.
SyQic along with its subsidiaries is engaged in providing live TV and on-demand paid video content across various types of internet-enabled consumer electronics devices including mobile and internet-enabled consumer devices.
NTBC: Price=1.8. Cap=NA. F/C for current FY*: EPS=NA, PE=NA, Revenue=NA.
Noida Toll Bridge Co develops, establishes, construct, operates and maintains a project relating to the construction of the Delhi Noida Toll Bridge under the Build-Own-Operate-Transfer basis.
DWHT: Price=640. Cap=41m. F/C for current FY*: EPS=42.2, PE=15.2, Revenue=NA.
Dewhurst manufactures electrical components and control equipment for industrial and commercial capital goods. The Company is a specialist supplier of equipment to lift, transport and keypad sectors.
JPR: Price=12.84. Cap=14m. F/C for current FY*: EPS=17.8, PE=0.7, Revenue=230.16m.
Johnston Press is engaged in publishing of local and regional weekly, evening and morning newspapers. The Company provides news and information services to local and regional communities through its portfolio of publications and websites.

* F/C for prev FY if Prelims released today
Data: yahoo, Google, Morningstar
DYOR, E&OE etc etc. Your sanity may be at risk if you invest in smallcaps.

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