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midnightcatprowl The author is remarkably good at giving the feel of the particular time in which the book is set. Shortly before I was born but the same feel was still there in the 50s of my childhood. An era which I hated by the way so nothing to do with my enjoyment of the book I'm just admiring how right the author got it

That's interesting, because I love the sense of place, so it's nice to have it confirmed in terms of accuracy.

If you've read 78% of the book, you will have read most of the scary stuff that I enjoyed so much....I'd be interested to know what you thought of it, but I wonder if you have reached the part that freaked me out the most.

I haven't been on this board before so I don't know what the rules are to ensure no spoilers - I presume we just wait till everyone/most people report back and says "I've read it all?"

I'm probably about 70% through and already really looking forward to finishing it over tomorrow night and Tuesday night.

Something else that's occurred to me - I actually didn't get particularly attached to any of the characters, and normally for me that's a problem. But perhaps in this case, I am just really attached to Hundreds?
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