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On this board I have suggested that it is unusual for such a fast rising market (ie P2P, or crowdfunding) to have such little media attention. Maybe I just do not look at the right media content?! But I have actively sought out any information on P2P and found not a lot. Try Google for example.
However, last night we had the ex CEO of Barclays mention Fintech and P2P on the Newsnight program (BBC2 at 10:30 pm). So if Barclays are considering P2P as a threat then the other Banks must also, but none are talking much about it.
The P2P market is getting large enough now to be a long term threat to the Banks Loan business, and so I would expect them to have some strategy for this threat. This must be either:

1) Create their own P2P websites,
2) or, buy an existing one.

or do both.
So, a prediction: Watch out for the buying of some P2P companies by big financial institutions over the next year......

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