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As usual, my wife went to Tesco for her weekly "shop". An assistant helps her by taking items such as mineral water off the shelf and will put this sort of thing in her trolley, and then my wife's choice of a massively efficient lady at the checkout will result in someone appearing almost immediately to pack her purchases. [Yes, I confess that I have a very modest role in arranging to have our car ready and waiting for me to load from the trolley to the car...]

However, I have a bit of a worry, because TSCO is a core investment on a LTBH basis.

Today she was told (I think as a long-standing customer) that the staff wished that Tesco's management treated them in the same way that they [the staff] treated their customers. My wife was really concerned that the staff at our local (and hugely successful) Tesco supermarket, who have been brilliant in terms of service, help etc etc were feeling really "down" and that their efforts were not recognised - or, worse still, that the staff felt alienated from/by management.

I told my wife about the staff scheme for acquiring Tesco shares and the amount set aside to pay staff bonuses - I do so hope that I was not wrong.

Quite simply, has anyone else had this sort of feedback? It is very likely to be local rather than reflecting a national feeling of resentment, but it would be very interesting to have other views.

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