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Firstly apologies for asking on here when allthe info I need will be in the lease. However I'm 400 miles away for a few days and want to try to get some of this sorted asap to try to keep the tenant happy.

We own a flat in a leasehold block. The flat has 20 year old softwood single glazed windows that are quite honestly crap now. And last night one of my tenants is claiming that with the storms and the wind from an unusual direction, rain came in the window and wrecked his £500 TV.
Now I'm not gettign drawn into discussions on the damage to the TV but I have promised to see what I can do about sorting out the windows.

Currently the management company arrange all external cleaning of the windows and external wood treatment on a regular basis.

If I wanted to replace the windows in my flat then I could do so provided the management company approve my proposed replacement and I woudl have to pay a sizeable admin fee for this approval (approx half the cost of replacing the windows !)
I woudl then still need to continue paying for my share of all costs relating to the windows in future even if my windows no longer need wood treatment or need replacing. In fact if the management company decide to replace all the windowns in the block the day after I have paid to have mine replaced, they could replace mine again even against my wishes.

Is this enough for any of you guys to know who is actually responsible for repair and maintenance of the windows ?


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