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Leapfrog Select is a "Single " Malt, if the definition is accepted as being a Malt from one single distillery. It proclaims it is a "Blend of different casks" but with the rare exception of "Single cask" malts, they all are, as it need dozens, even hundreds of casks to supply a bottling run

& it may be a perfectly enjoyable drop. However, the marketing of single malts is very much about each distillery's distinctive taste which has been imparted by a decade & upwards in a barrel. At a guess, "Select" contains a decent whack of 5 year old spirit, which rather begs the question why it is priced at £35, 3 times the price of Grouse.

Haig Club is a completely innocuous whisky-shaped object. IIRC it is pitched as an entry drink for people who don't normally like whisky.

An entry drink currently on offer at Waitrose for £35!! There are plenty of decent single malts available in the £20-25 range, which imvh are much better entry drinks.

The whole NAS business strikes me as emanating from the accounts depts, looking to turn stocks over rather more quickly by doing away with the nonsense of tying up cash for 10/12/16 years...... & seeing it evaporate before their eyes! Great for the balance sheet in the short term, but maybe damaging the industry longer term?
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