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I think that TA requires a decent turnover of shares to be really effective

I agree.

Certainly many AIM stocks are not very liquid and I know the dangers of attempting TA with illiquid shares. Poor liquidity though is not usually a feature of the share exchanges it is surely a feature of the individual shares

This one, particularly in the last few days, is very liquid. Looking back over the last few weeks, even when the share price has been in the doldrums, the number of trades has never become less than 6 million. A huge increase in volumes of the last few days has accompanied the price rise,..130 odd million today!

If TA works on a daily basis this share to me seems set to continue to rise tomorrow. The only reason that I am worried about making a further purchase is that I may not know enough about TA.

Fundamentally the thing that is holding me back is the lack of news on the Texas sale. It has been happening for months and might have run into trouble. If there is positive news on that the share will surely take off. The continuing lack of news is worrying.

Tom (OoR)
P.S. I am not posting here for altruistic reasons. I am doing so to become a better investor. I see it as an aid to making money for the pension pot.
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