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I've had exactly this same problem with Virgin, I don't know if your issue was the same but mind was because the payment was due on a Sunday.
After I complained, and complained and then asked to speak to a manager they gave in. I still had to pay the late fee but they did put the 0% offers back on (Make sure you check this if its relevant or it will hurt)
They also said that charges at the standard APR would apply from the STATEMENT DATE, not from when the mistake was made. I've yet to see this on the account but I'm awaiting a big hit. Also note that the charges are automatically added to the next months minimum so this will need to be factored in.

I was advised to setup the DD, I explained I wanted to overpay this and their advice was to pay the card off. They don't have an in between option. The best (though rather annoying option) seems to be to pay the minimum by DD and let it take it automatically, then any issue is their fault, and if you wish to overpay add at Standing Order or do a separate payment. As I say annoying but best bet

Hope this helps, sorry if not.
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