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It is a wonderful gesture.

I know the rules state I can't win this as this is, I believe, my first post to this board, and I'm not a foodie, although I do appreciate good food, and only eat blue steak, however...

My son is 17 and is currently studying at college for catering qualifications. He is doing exams this week.

For years, I had big concerns about where he was heading in life, he had no passion for anything, didn't seem to have a clue what he would do in life, and was just muddling along. At one time I genuinely believed he was scrap heap material, and would be a burden on us for a long, long while.

Then quite by accident, during Year nine, one of the GCSE courses he chose was unavailable due to lack of interest, he didn't want to do anything else, and the school suggested he do GCSE catering.

Once he got in the kitchen, he found himself. There was an undiscovered passion for cooking that I genuinely didn't think would ever exist. He gets a big kick out of creating stuff and likes to see other people enjoying what he has cooked.

He was fortunate that some members of the family clubbed together and bought him a voucher to attend a one day taster session at Tante Marie, the world renouned school of cookery. This reinforced his passion, and thankfully for me, made him decide he wanted to be a chef rather than a cook.

He was fortunate that his GCSE results were good enough for him to bypass the first catering level of the NVQ and jump to level two. He has decided for his level three (which he'll begin this coming September) to focus on being a pastry chef.

I'm really grateful to his secondary school teacher who inspired him to follow this route. He has matured significantly, and I'm really proud of him. Still can't get him to eat vegtables though.


Capt. Flack
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