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Interesting thread.

I know that as I age my body may take a dislike to the impacts associated with running and I might have to move to something low impact. For now I'm not sure what comes next but swimming has to be on the list.

Just bear in mind that "dislike" may understate the case. I am 60 and currently "running in" a new knee. Sadly I find swimming totally boring as it is the best low-impact exercise.

My OH has run for 30+ years, including many marathons, without any perceptible damage. But although she ran sub 4 hours, she never pushed herself and just ran at her own pace. I hated watching the London, but The Snowdonia, with less than a thousand participants, is a scenic feast. Just a word of warning, it has the tagline "The Agony and the Ecstasy".

On a more positive note, after my op I have invested less than £20 in a Mi band which counts your steps, and it is a very useful nag in pointing out days when you haven't been very active.

All the best

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