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In the Testing God series, Dawkins had no answer to the problem of altruism other than what he said about science having to be better.

But why is him not currently having an answer "slippery"? He has never claimed to know everything.

Hi Alan,

Perhaps not, but his beliefs are so strong he is unable to think logically at times. He coined the term 'selfish gene' didn't he? During the programme Dawkins did have difficulty understanding altruism in the terms of selfish genetics.

To return to the story of my uncle again and psychological egoism, my uncle was one of the most selfless people I have ever met. He would not be what I call an egoist in any sense of the word. I think his act was without thought of risk, it was an impulsive reaction to immediate danger.

Perhaps the altruistic gene had been strengthened over the years because he come from a seafaring background which would elicit a collective response for those on peril on the sea. Perhaps it was due to faith. He was not a practising Christian but was a simple believer with all the superstitions and practices of the fishing community.

I have really enjoyed this thread Fulvio. It is interesting that this site itself has caring fools and helpful fools and charitable fools ready to share their talents. Is TMF and altruistic site?
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