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In tackling this problem, just remember that any typist in an international business can do it with her eyes shut (literally).

Thus armed with the appropriate measure of humility, can you say again what you are trying to do?

If you intend to use a single language keyboard for dual language working, you are setting yourself some high hurdles to jump. Easiest, and perhaps cheapest to have two keyboards, although that is not AFAIK the standard solution.

More usually you order the appropriate multi-lingual keyboard which has extra symbols on the appropriate keys. Then XP allows you to designate key combinations to switch between layouts. I use ALT-SHIFT-0 to type in 'foreign' and ALT-SHIFT-1 to return to good old Blightyspeak. Don't get me started on Americanese, otherwise known as MS Standard.

Don't forget that you also need the appropriate spelling dictionaries for the appropriate texts, but I cannot help you with switching between them.

There is probably someone in your street who does it without thinking about it, so a bit of social engineering might see you become an instant expert.

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