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I was fortunate enough to be employed by a technology company during the bubble: one with a very generous incentive scheme, which was sadly paid in shares rather than hard cash. For a while I was rather rich, but then, as all bubbles must do, it all collapsed and I was out of a job and my paper wealth became.... paper.

Somewhat chagrined by this, I joined a small start up and we developed what would now be called a trading platform for businesses. Sadly that too went the way of most start-ups and my equity in that also evaporated (I still have the paper, just not the money).

Third time lucky, I joined another technology company and we thrived. This time I put my money in uncorrelated businesses and when the recession of 2008 deposited me on the pavement, I was in a much better position than before. So much so that by 2014 I was able to retire early, despite these various setbacks.

Katastrophe? Maybe, but also part of life's experience and a way to meet interesting people along the way.

Retirement is indeed a happy place to be - I recommend it!

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