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I think its all relative. Back in the day I was one of the top performers in the gym and so, by that measure, I was in good shape and doing enough. My active lifestyle was suffice to keep the endurance levels up and the body fat percentage down. I'd do 3 sets of isolation exercises, lifting more weight than my clients, and I understood that to be enough. And, compared to those (we) who did no exercise, it is a pretty good achievement.

The philosophy of Crossfit isn't to do 'just enough' but to do as much as you can, to be as good as you can be. (I'll not go into the advances and advantages of 'functional fitness' over conventional gym exercises here, but that's another significant leap forward in terms of benefits.) Crossfit wants 100%.

But largely, the Crossfit cult is the thing that keeps you going and helps you to achieve more. It's comparable to the benefits of team sports, where your performance is monitored and by your team mates and you are compelled to perform well for their approval and benefit. Crossfit is similar. Despite being last, I was always joined by my fellow Crossfitters, who would encourage and spot-coach as I finished my WOD. You're pushed to perform and perform as well as you can. Under my own steam, I probably didn't have it in me to push harder. The culture, community and environment of Crossfit wrings out the last drops of effort. Gym-bunny me was a hard working bunny, but Crossfit is different, better and more effective in many many ways.

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