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I started decluttering a few years ago when my clothes just wouldn't go into the wardrobe due to all the old sweaters and trousers that 'will come in useful for gardening', jackets 'that might fit me again one day..haha' etc and there's still plenty of shirts to throw away. That lead to the rest of the house, old VHS cassettes, old audio cassettes, silly rubbishy ornaments and souvenirs that my wife buys on holidays (she never even noticed their disappearance) and old toys that were broken etc. The junk I found in various drawers around the house was unbelievable, and there are still some cupboards where I'm scared to look.

We have enough books for a small library and since my childhood, I've always hated the idea of getting rid of books. I like the idea of throwing something away if it does not give you joy and to be honest, I must have got rid of over 10 kilos of rubbishy paperbacks over the last few years as well as heavy hardbacks that nobody ever looks at but we always felt were nice on the shelf. My problem is with the huge number of old books from my grandparents. Some of them are huge and very boring! Apart from a few I remember well, I am never going to look at them and deep down I know I should throw them away, but I think I may regret it the second I do.

Maybe time for a few drinks, a deep breath and.....

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