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I imagine that at 100 PSI it is just running down on "Puff" and would further imagine that this plays havoc with trajectory at 60 yds ?

Yes. That's what I was saying. Having double checked the book of words the recommended refill time is when pressure falls to between 100 and 110 PSI

I have been contmplating buying a FAC .22 PCP but my local gunsmith has cautined against it on the grounds that I may find it very difficult to get bottles re-charged as the Saftey Elfs had made such a process unecconomic for compressed air providers of air in air rifle quantities.

With all due respect to your gunsmith he is talking rubbish. I bought a small air bottle from the local dive shop and they are perfectly happy to fill it for me as and when the need arises, for a modest charge. When I need to fill the reservoir of the air rifle I simply attach the air bottle, turn the tap and job done in about 20 seconds.

Have other PCP uses found such difficulties, and what size and pressure of bottles would one be talking about ?

The bottle I bought from the dive shop came from:

Is a home compressor a realistic proposition or is kit of this pressure capacity and air drying capacity too expensive to be considered ?

A small air bottle is about £140. How much is a compressor? I like the convenience of having the air bottle as if I go off for a weekend’s shooting and think the rifle reservoir will run out I can simply charge it from the bottle that will be stowed in the back of the Landy. You would not have that level of convenience with a compressor. If you are unwilling to buy an air bottle you could of course use a hand pump but you will need well developed biceps and a lot of patience. If you buy an air bottle and think you will be transporting it do stick a green ‘compressed gas’ label on the back of your vehicle. As Sandersj89 once said to me it may not be a legal requirement BUT do you really want to test this? My view when it comes to shooting activities is to adopt a belt and braces approach. Keeps everyone happy.

Hope that helps.

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