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I came across this curiosity one the other day (from River Cottage Handbook 2):

Compost Heap Jelly

makes 3 225gr jars

500g apple cores and peel
500g citrus fruit peep cut into 1cm shreds
granulated sugar (see below)
1.5l water
Juice of 1 citrus fruit (optional)

Put apples cored, peel and citrus peel in saucepan with water. Bring to simmer and cook slowly for 45-60mins. Turn into muslin and leave overnight to drip.

Measure strained liquid and weigh out 450g of sugar for every 600ml of juice. add fruit juice if using. Bring liquid to boil, add sugar, stir until dissolved, then boil rapidly without stirring until setting point is reached - c 10 mins

Remove from heat and stir, always in the same direction [never seen that in a recipe before!] until all surface bubbles have disappeared. Pour into jars and tap their sides / swivel to remove any remaining bubbles. Seal. Use withing a year.

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