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I am not yet 50, although not far off it. I have been finding that my feet have been growing recently, and have been reading up on this on the internet. It seems that some people find their feet grow by 0.5 to 1 full size every 10 years after they reach 40.

This seems about right as my size 9s now are slightly too small. I have moved into stability trainers, and increased the arch support as part of the foot lenthening is due to arch collapse.

Not everyone has this experience of increasing foot size, nose size, and ear size as they get beyond 40, but it is very common (particularly the pinochio nose element)

I am astonished by Eddy Izzards feat. I expect to see it on TV soon.

I am taking up swimming and cycling, avoiding skiing, jogging and walking (or at least limiting them like alcohol)

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