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Okay, this is driving me nuts!

My front door's deadlock has a eurolock cylinder. The barrel is now almost completely seized. I have bought a replacment, but I can't find any way of removing the old one.

To remove it involves turning the key through about 15 degrees and then withdrawing the barrel (after removing one screw). The problem is that the barrel is seized and I can't turn it through 15 degrees.

I have squirted WD40 into the barrel and tried cycle chain lubricant spread on the key, but nothing seems to be working.

Is my only option to attempt to drill the barrel out, and does this work?
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From memory, there is a very sturdy lug sticking out that operates the bolt action that needs to be in line with the rest of the narrow section of the eurolock, hence the need to turn the key.
You could try giving the lock a few light taps and see if that will free up the tumblers. I wouldn't wallop it too hard though. Also slide the key in and out a lot, and keep dosing it with lube.

IANA locksmith.

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Apply WD40 liberally & leave overnight.
Lightly tap, lubricate and re-try the lock.

If that fails....locksmith/ new lock.
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Check your buildings insurance to see if failed locks or lost keys are covered.
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I have drilled out the barrel from a Eurolock in the past as a last resort, BUT it was the only a upvc door on the shed and I didn't have an original key in order to turn the barrel by the 15 degrees in order to remove it. The consequences of making a complete hash of it were quite acceptable.

I only did this as it was a door to the garden shed.

It took quite a long time and I found I needed to work up in several drill sizes. Care was taken as you are only trying to drill away the pins and springs. I found that once most of the springs had been drilled through I could force the barrel to rotate enough to remove the lock using a strong screw driver. The key technique is drill out the pins and springs whilst leaving as much of the cylinder intact as possible.

If it has been my front door with the possibility of damaging other parts of the mechanism and being left with an unusable door I would have bitten the bullet and called in a professional locksmith who will probably be able to use his tools and expertise to get the barrel to turn and in any case will be more skilled and have more practice in drilling out barrels. Locksmiths will also know other techniques and may be able to snap off the lock if the front protrudes enough.

In the first instance I would try lubricating the lock and applying vibration/ shock to the lock to attempt to free any stuck pins which are probably preventing you turning the barrel. I would also try any spare keys you may have for the lock as sometimes cutting tolerances and wear may have an effect.

Goodluck and would be interested in what you decide and how it goes.
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...The key technique...


There are lots of videos on YouTube of people breaking into Euro Cylinder locks - maybe one of their techniques might help you? I wouldn't use a Euro Cylinder having watched some of these.
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