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Hi thirdway

I still have many times when I have tense shoulders doing tai chi. Usually when I am learning a new move or my instructor is correcting one I have previously learnt. After much practice the moves become second nature and then require less concentration. Then I relax. SO practice is the answer.

But what really did it with me was the breathing and meditation exercises that my instructor taught me. They had no effect on me at first because my mind wandered, but now I have cracked it. It's all do do with the part that they called Chi.

Now, I have to state here that I do not really believe in the existence of chi. However, I give my instructor the benefit of doubt and imagine it flowing through my body from various points to other various points. This stops my mind wandering. I do this standing up and sometimes laying down before i go to sleep. Now I have managed to do it, I can't stop doing it. Aftrwards I feel totally relaxed and no tension in my muscles.

This did take me a long time to do though.

Let me know if it works for you


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