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Anyone heard of them - standard broucher followed by a cold call (Alex Gould)
Based out of Taiwan and peddling "Galena Pharma - GALE on nasdaq"

Basic boiler room process

let me know

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Boiler Rooms FAQ
Cold-called by someone selling an investment? The FCA suggests that you should reject cold calls and that the safest thing to do is hang up.
Defamation - Guidance and FAQs
What happens if someone complains that comments in a post you've made are defamatory? Start with the "Posters" section on page 8 of the 'Frequently Asked Questions'.
Lifting the lid on 'Boiler room' scams
A former conman reveals the tricks of his trade.
Report A Fraud
Action Fraud is the UK's national fraud reporting centre.
How to Spot an Investment Scam (2009 Podcast)
David Kuo talks to Jonathan Phelan, Head of the FSA's Enforcement Division.
Closure of the UK Discussion Boards
The UK Discussion Boards are now closed to new posts.