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A final post on TMF (sobs)
Well heck, time to say goodbye and thanks. I registered with TMF in May 2001 and my first post on ‘delurking’ was on this very board in Nov 2002, so this is where it ends.

The World of Beer has changed a fair bit over the past 15 years or so – masses of new small breweries and the rise of ‘craft’ beer, whatever that actually is. Overall a positive, but we’re still losing pubs at an alarming rate. I don’t think I could live somewhere without a decent pub nearby. I’m lucky ‘back home’ as we have >20 pubs, some excellent, for 12,000 people. Must be miserable when the only pub in a village closes: decent pubs really are ‘community hubs’!

Good to see that the local beer festivals (Reading, and Windsor & Maidenhead) are very popular – Reading has queues round the block (well, tent) so perhaps the future isn’t so bleak.
I’m delighted that my ‘local’ brewery back home, Salopian, is producing some excellent stuff. Others worth a mention – Abbeydale, Purple Moose, Titanic, Thornbridge, Windsor & Eton (my current ‘local’ brewery) and plenty more I’ve now forgotten !

Right, time for me to shut up and call time. I’m registered on Lemon Fool with the same user name, so come on over and talk beer and pubs. We are filed under Food & Drink at the moment, but with plenty of beer (and wine and spirits) posts we may get our own ‘Drink’ forum!

Good luck to you all. Happy Drinking, and may see you in the pub...
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