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few ETFs have accumulation units (and those that do often only have accumulation units, instead of a choice). it's unlike UTs/OEICs, which usually do give you a choice. none of these vanguard ETFs are accumulation.

some brokers have inexpensive schemes for reinvesting dividends. or if you will be adding additional money later on, you could mop up any cash from dividends at the same time. how efficient this is depends on the amounts and timing.

UTs/OEICs have the advantage of (usually) offering accumulation units. however, you may end up paying an on-going platform charge on top of the cost of the fund itself.

if you are looking to complement a UK-heavy portfolio, then you could just use VWRL (and omit VUKE). VWRL includes c. 8% UK, since that's the UK's share of world market capitalization. VWRL includes c. 48% USA (for the same reason), which some ppl think is a bit high (others don't); however, to apply different weights to world regions, you'd need buy 4 or so separate vehicles.

if you preferred the UTs/OEIC approach, you might consider (for an emphasis on ex-UK), Vanguard FTSE Developed World ex-UK Equity Index Fund. this (as you may guess) entirely excludes the UK, and also excludes emerging markets (unlike VWRL, which includes both developed and emerging). if you want to include emerging, you could add an emerging markets tracker (as a second fund), e.g. Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund.

LS itself is less useful for diversifying away from the UK, given its 25% UK weighting.
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