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Thank you very much to all contributors to thwe previous thread.

I've now pulled it all together and passed it over to TMF

The board has a useful FAQ section:

Now, anything they can do, we can do better!! So, this is the UK sooper-dooper “Help with this Blasted Computer” tips section. It's compiled totally from suggestions offered by many Fools, so it's all good stuff, but please do bear in mind that sites change or fall by the wayside, such is the nature of the internet. So, no guarantees, do your own research, look both ways before crossing the road, etc!!!

Useful utilities:

Useful series of articles previously published in the Daily Telegraph.

If you don't have a Windows or other boot disc, you can download one from here. (And try not to lose it again!!!) and also

Improved clipboard functionality – might have helped when drafting this list?? One Fool in particular (hokusai2908) speaks very highly of this

Information re the 'dreaded' cookies.

Drivers available, for Windows, not your local mini-cab firm!

Oft recommended on this board. Leak test your PC and get information about firewalls.

Editing your registry. Not for the inexperienced or the faint of heart.

Popular utility for compressing/decompressing files.

A PC firewall, free to personal users. Again, oft recommended by those on this board who know about these things.

All about partitioning your Hard Disk. The programme, Partition Magic, is oft recommended by posters on this board.

All about firewire high speed connections for your PC

Web Page Design. Not something that I've done myself, so I can't tell you a lot about these links, but they've all come from posts to the “Building your Web Page” board.


Comprehensive site with tips about using Excel

Learn about Computers

I quote 'We provide easy, plain-English information on computers that other sites just assume you already know'

Learn Visual basic


Windows Help (95, 98, ME, 2000 etc)

To identify file extensions

Internet, etc.

Bits and pieces about cable modems

Useful sites for finding your perfect ISP

A list of web based email providers

Store your bookmarks from Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator offline. Save a lot of hassle in the event of system failure.

Hardware howdos

I've used this myself. It's part of a series dealing with replacing your Hard Disk. This particular thread describes how to copy completely from one HD to another. It's good.



For copying music tracks from LP to CDR

Burning Audio cdr's

About motherboards

Can't remember what this is about!!!

Motherboards, BIOS guides, general Hardware, etc.

Cable pin outs

All kinds of info – mainly hardware related

Some useful threads from the HWTBC board, which is always a mine of information.

OK, I'm blowing my own trumpet here, but this is one of mine!!!!!

To do with something called 'Javascript'??

About CD Writers

Changing the Hard Drive

DLL Archives – whatever they are!!!

Hacking & Firewalls

Hints for tidying your Favourites folder

Hard Disk partitioning

Space Bar Problems


How to publish web pages

Finally and rather tongue in cheek, as one Fool (PeteF1) put it, if all else fails read the instructions

Keep the Foolish faith


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