No. of Recommendations: 2
This is only just around the corner and I thought I would post the videos of the top 5 in the betting

Favourite we have red hot favourites Sweden and "Euphoria".

Maybe the song contest will embrace this exciting futuristic sound but not yet.
And the lyrics are in French.
might be 12/5 favourite but red line through.

Next we have the Russian offering at 10/1 second favourite
Here it is
Absolutely AWFUL!
I know it speeds up a bit and the singing will be done by backing singers rather than all these grannies but it really is awful and even allowing for some iron curtain comradeship I cannot see it winning.
Red line through.

Next we have Italy's offering by a cheeky little thing cakked Ninna Silli
A bit like Amy Winehouse meets Ninah Cherry
It's ok and sung in English but forgettable I'm afraid.
Red line through.

Next at 16/1 we have the UK and good old Englebert Humperdink
He may be old and it may be 16/1 and we may be opening the show but do not underestimate this excellent song by a polished, professional and well known international star. Tremendous value and one for the shortlist.
I'm backing it.

Next we have Denmark also at 16/1 "Should have known better"
Worth watching the video when it finally gets going
ITs a modern song and in English. Place chances.

Finally Serbia- neighbour of the host country.
A handsome Christiano lookalike called Željko Joksimovic
Song has an intro too long but apart from that there is not much to fault it as a ballad except not in English.
Takes a while to get going but good East meets west chorus.
Overall too dreary so place propects at best.

Next Spain again at about 16/1
pleasant melody ballad by a saucy little minx called Pastora Soler
Takes too long to get going and not in English

Next we have Ireland represented by Jedward

Truly crap in my view but could run into a place because visually good.

It's Englebert all day for me.
Going to lump on win and place.
Best song by a mile in my view.
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